Periodic Maintenance

Allow Eagle Forklift Sales & Service to manage your ongoing forklift fleet maintenance. It is a convenient way to keep your equipment healthy and in top condition. This leaves you to do what you do best and lets us do what we do best; servicing your equipment.

Our periodic maintenance service provides for planned maintenance at the appropriate intervals. Service is performed by our designated and specifically trained planned maintenance technician at your site. We provide our customers with a detailed equipment inspection analysis to assist them in planning repairs on the horizon. We have been serving Dallas Metroplex since 1967 with over 100 years of combined experience! Contact us at (214) 320-0081 today for more information.

Electric Units:

Electric Units:
Battery Connectors
Power Cables for Slack or Damage
Lift Motor
Auxiliary Motor – Cables – Brushes
Plugging – Changing Direction and Stopping
Brakes – Fluid Level and Proper Stopping
Speed Sequence – Moving from Slow to Fast
Deadman Switch – Wires, Free Moving
Horn Operation
Steering – Gear and Electrical Components
Tilt – Proper Reach
Side Shift
Drive Tires – Steer Tires
Caster Wheels – Load Wheels
Gear Box Left and Right Oil Levels
Mast Bearings
Mast Hose – Condition and Pulley
Mast Cables – Condition
Lift Chains – Wear and Tension
Forks – Bent or Excessive Wear
Drive Belts – Wear or Tension
Hydraulic Cylinder Condition /Operation
Radical Rings
Reach – Mechanical
Load Wheels
Deadman Pedal
Lift Chains
Remove Covers Inspect All Components
Use Compressed Air to Remove Debris

IC Units:

Visual /Operational Checks to Include
Brakes Operational – Fluid Level
Directional Control/Transmission
Inching Pedal Specs
Horn Operational
Back Up Alarm – Operational
Tilt – Up/Down Function – Condition
Lift and Lower Function – Condition
Carriage Bearings – Carriage Slides
Power Steering Operation
Steer Axle Operation
Wheel Bearings
Engine – Starting – Operation
Gauges – Warning Lights
Side Shift Operation
Drive Tires – Steer Tires
Mast – Carriage Bearings
Mast Hose – Pulley’s Condition
Lift Cylinders – Condition and Operation
Lift Chains – Wear and Tension
Forks – Bent or Excessive Wear
Drive Belts – Wear and Tension
Transmission Cooler Hoses
Replace Engine Oil and oil Filter
Replace Air Filters
Lubricate All Grease Fittings
Cranking and Charging Condition
Cooling System – Fluid levels
LPG System General – Leaks – Hoses
Muffler- Exhaust
Radiator Leaks, Condition and Coolant
Use Compressed Air to Remove Debris

Periodic Maintenance Checklist

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